Tuesday 12 November 2013

Bludgeoning The Bunny

Improv bands can be ugly beasts - there is only so much noodling "jams" one can take before murderous rampages are the only acceptable retaliation. Then there is Spirit Bunny, a relatively new Brisbane band born out of the marvelously maladroit meanderings of FEET TEETH (supported here by Ghost Notes/Tiny Spiders skinsman Cam Smith). Their take on their shtick? "Grit Hop - Phat beats and twee melodies through a haze of circuit bent Casio noise and C64 synth." It's an apt description for what is an incredible melange of squelched cross-pollination hip-hop instrumentation, a Frankenstein's monster of noise, melody and insidious beats. Listen to 'Gold & Brown' - awesomeness, until the breakdown in the final thirty seconds scares the shit out of you...

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