Friday 15 November 2013

Scratching ones Big Itch

The Big Itch is a club night in Dublin Ireland that heralds simple music for simple people. It's a myth however, that any music is simple. To make noise worth listening to (even for a one minute ten seconds) is some kind of accomplishment. This new 7" celebrating the Big Itch miscreants is both simple and worthwhile - especially the #1s on side A. And yeah, let's face it, the #1s will probably never have a number one, but hey, who will? And what does it matter where you land up? If I was listening to this bunch of bands in Dublin and knew they owned a majestic Labrador, I'd be happy.

The whole shebang is out now through Bachelor Records.

And if you're chasing some more #1s, then get on to this from Art for Blind (give them a look). Unfortunately it's already sold out though, so you cannae get on wax for ye'self.

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