Thursday 23 April 2015

Riding High On The Lowtide

This album came out last year, but there is always something that takes a while to take hold. However, Melbourne band Lowtide’s debut album (out through Lost & Lonesome Records) was one that I was really looking forward to, yet in the move to the UK it fell through the cracks. Well since being back in Australia these past three weeks it has copped a hammering, as there is rarely a mood that these 9 songs don’t augment. A beautiful shoegaze chimera, shimmering under the gauze walls of intent and regret, the boy/girl harmonies entwining around your soul. The warm rush of ‘Held’ bleeding into the temporal haze of ‘Autumn’; the melancholy of ‘Blue Movie’ that ebbs and flows with the tide of volume; the 70s swing and slide of ‘Wedding Ring’ that marries into C86 emotions and shoegaze euphoria; the haunting slow-crawl and inevitable swell of ‘Yesterday’; the subtle beauty of ‘Missing History’… Everything is choreographed meticulously – everything is in its right place. Nothing is groundbreaking, because everything is as it should be here – a wash, a cleanse, a reminder, a prop, an anchor, a climax.

Buy Lowtide now - there aren't many copies left, and with good reason. Get on this!

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