Wednesday 22 April 2015

Multiple Persuasions

(Photo by Grace Stevenson)

While I have spoken about ‘Persuasion’ briefly last year (that squeezed mechanical fart synth line at the beginning? The bombastic nature of the instrumentation? I felt like Gary Numan was channelling early ABC through a Eurythmics filter…which meant I thought it was great), Brisbane’s Siamese twins of soldered synapses Multiple Man have a whole 12” of cyber-synth punk nihilism to extol (out now through Nopatience Records/Burka For Everybody). ‘Labour In Vain’ is closer to the feverish, smoke-filled synthetic detritus we are used to from the duo, while ‘Slave For Love’ is the obvious middle ground. Seeing Sean Campion in a more maniacally camp mode with hardcore rock meltdown Unpeople of recent times had me forgetting about his deep, robotic vocals, and it’s good to get reacquainted with his and brother Chris’ demented wares. Grab it here.

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