Thursday 30 April 2015

Tangrams In Love

Have to say I've been looking forward to this release for almost a year. I got to see Melbourne goth demons Tangrams play a Minimum Wage show in support of Gazar Strips' EP launch May last year, and their meticulously maintained brooding created an electrifying sine-wave of tension. This is evident on their 7". Even when the guitars boil over into a wail on 'In Love', it is all with gritted teeth and hooded eyes. 'Ephemeral' heads away from the noise and lurks even further in the shadows - which proves to be a ruse, as the caterwaul that finally erupts is an expulsion of torturous tremors. Grab the record here - the band is on a brief hiatus while Sarah ventures overseas, but expect to see more of them in short time.

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