Monday 20 April 2015

Flying Blind

Minneapolis bone rattlers The Blind Shake melted my face off with their new album Fly Right (available mid-April through Slovenly Records). The thugabilly in a metal barrel smash-n-grab opener ‘Tar Paper’ is almost a misnomer, as the rest of the album takes some of that vitriol and skewed energy and throws it in a myriad different directions. There is the Spaghetti surf squall of ‘A Clock, A Window, A Pyramid’; the trudge punk assault of ‘Holy Road’; the rollicking phaser march of ‘Ape Lives A Life’; the psych narcolept drawl of ‘Diamond Days’; the JSBX epileptic spiral of ‘More Land’… The titular track takes more deliberate time in flaying your nerves wide open – a desert nightmare dressed in dirt-caked leather and sordid sneers, before ‘Salt’ lifts the mask enough to bring back the silliness. It’s a great blast of a record that is pretty short in duration but long in attitude and weird. I'm a big fan – I'm sure you will be too. 

Pre-order Fly Right here. The Blind Shake are playing here in London on May 9 at Shacklewell Arms - should be a corker.

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