Monday 27 April 2015

Get Lamped With The Strange Day Ravies

This post is two-fold. First of all Sydney gauzy four-piece Day Ravies brought out a cassette EP Under The Lamp on their own Strange Pursuits label. It is four tracks of extrapolated expansion, a divergence from the shimmering excellence of debut album Tussle while remaining true to the DR aesthetic they have effortlessly built over the years. 'Sleepwalk' has a laconic bent due to Sam Wilkinson's vocals, more deadpan and front of the mix than ever before, with a sudden drop into Slowdive fuzz that is exhilarating as it is bombastic. The crunchy distortion on the title track lends a heaving gravity to proceedings, while the whistling synth lines feel like the undercurrent of crossing radio stations, from another song from another era that eerily fits in the proceedings. The drum machine and oscillating effects that opens 'Perennial' is the biggest sidestep here, and again the stomach flip of new horizons being searched comes to the fore - culminating in what is a genre implosion that comes from no discernible decade, yet exists just the the hell of it. I imagine all four members of the band playing this from start to finish with goofy grins plastered on their dials. 'Prior Hour' is a sunny fadeout, a bustling yet bucolic saunter arm in arm into the sunset, quaffing red and feelin' fine.

The second piece of info is a little more cryptic. Day Ravies will be bringing out their second record in a few months time. A lot more detail to come out about that soon. Suffice to say we here at Sonic Masala HQ are VERY excited...

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