Monday 31 March 2014

I've got 0.0001 Excuses and Brainbeau Ain't One

I'm so happy that local neon synth weirdniks Brainbeau have got a vinyl release - SO HAPPY! I have said a few times already that I think the duo might just be the best thing in Brisbane's music scene, and I hope this is just another step in the right direction. Hell, Scraps is on Fire Records nowadays, why can't Brainbeau reach such heady heights?

Anyway, the new 0.0001 Excuses EP 7" is out now through new label Good Samaritron. It features old classic '50c Casio Rave'. Its got handmade stickers that come with it. It sounds like a Euro nightclub that is in a bunker in the middle of nowhere in the mid 80s, the club filled with disinterested Amazons in minidresses and hairy furballs in velour, all of them trapped in a convulsing lava lamp. It's ridiculous. And insidious. And oh so satisfying.

And '50c Casio Rave' is still killer, the best banger from Brisbane ever likely to exist - until Kat and Chelvis write a new one.

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