Monday 17 March 2014

Infamy and Ruined Fortune

Angie Bermuda has been very busy of the past few years, Musically alone she has been involved in cyclical cesspit Circle Pit, rambunctious Injuns Straight Arrows, strung out stoners Sourthern Comfort, and she brought out her excellent debut solo album Turning last year; and pushing on, she has Ruined Fortune, a band she has formed with Nic Warnock (RIP Society). The band itself sounds like demented thugs, a two-piece enamoured with disarray and destruction, ans the spaces between the spaces. 'In A Hole' is a scuzzy driving behemoth of an opener, all snarls wrapped in suffocating cellophane - so deliciously evil. 'All Seeing Eye' is heavy metal for the unwilling, a dirge into the funereal gutters of unlit alleys and abandoned squats. 'Transparent Faces' is almost a pop song - as near as these nihilists will let the candy coated come close to the white noise orgy.'On The Screen' holds The Velvet Underground up to the light and under a searing magnifying glass; ‘Closing Till’ is particularly enthralling, with Warnock monotonously reciting lines from interview inanities and application forms over a simplistic Casio drum beat and Angie’s squalling guitar providing a hypnotic bedrock. Then there is the eight-minute spiralling cataclysm that is 'That Strain, That Spark/End of Day' is an exercise in dealing with cacophony like a lackadaisical masochist - which is pretty much the best way. Spacemen 3 on ice?

Suffice to say, Ruined Fortune is bloody incredible. Angie, Nic (with excellent help from Dan Spencer (Blank Realm) and Joe Alexander (Per Purpose, Terrible Truths) on skins) - thank you for the catastrophe of the year - a face melting triumph of the damaged will. Get it through the excellent Hozac Records here.

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