Sunday, 3 April 2016

50 Futures...And The Sky Is Falling

The launch of Future Of The Left's latest diatribe, The Peace & Truce Of..., is almost upon us, and as celebration we have a third cut from it. '50 Days Before The Hun' is just like 'The Limits of Battleships' before it in that there is a decided sparseness to the compositions - even more so here. It may seems strange to not hear Falco and his cronies lathering all sonic space with apocryphal noise, but this spiked sense of space lends a cut-rate desperation to the efforts, a cracked absurdity lending weight to lines like "seasalt crackers with the seasalt taken out/then served to the grateful twats." The handclaps and high-pitched "na-na-nas" add to the off-kilter chicanery. Don't forget the trio are playing Electric Ballroom on April 21.

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