Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sydney2000 Every Year

Third chat about a Tenth Court release is __ from Sydney2000. The trio features members of Cannon and Die On Planes, and they carve out some fairly unhinged power-rock that is nevertheless undercut with dirty shambolism and yet a degree of shambolic sunshine. These six songs are played on a razor-wire tightrope that hovers above the fields of  raw ability and devil-may-care flippancy, so songs like 'Sunshine State' and 'Light Left' are imbued with a sunny, guitar pop ebullience, while others like 'Bean Said' and 'Miriam' are more dirty, dank swamp rockers, still all with a loose-jawed slacker insouciance. It's pretty great from a band that does not get half enough credit in their or any town. If it were me, it would be Sydney2000 every year.

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