Wednesday, 6 April 2016

World Wars Are Trash

World War 4 is back! That is, Sam from Cobwebbs and Police Force infamy. The hip-hop beats that he does in his spare time float out in the ether without much recognition - and this needs to change. These blasted compositions HDD warped stabs into the unknown, finding abrasion in the ambiance, finding space amongst the rubble, finding static in the dead air, yet always with a lack of sincerity or alacrity. The whole album is throwaway yet hypnotic, a narcotic wormhole, and WW4 dares you to care, the track list from start to finish is 'Bad', 'Worse', 'urgh', 'Who Cares', 'Awful', 'Horrible', 'Trash', 'Turn This Off', 'This Sucks', 'I Hate This', 'No Good', 'Why Are You Listening?', 'Whatever' and 'I Don't Give A Fuck'. Maybe you should.

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