Thursday, 7 April 2016

Video Vacuum - The Body, Velcro Hooks, Giggly Boys, Noveller

I'm struggling. I've been putting off super important work for the past two weeks - and now I am neck deep in it. So while I should continue to knuckle down and just get the job done,

Need your mind scoured? You could always do worse than to embrace The Body. 'The Fall and the Guilt' is one of those noise wormholes that would be considered a pop noir ballad in a different universe - and the film clip, of a couple caressing and kissing each other, complements this idea...except for the constant ambient noise humming underneath, the dip into existential terror at the flip of a pedal, the white static flickering underneath, a constant reminder that this is no erotic high, but a psychological haunt.

Let's stay off-kilter and aggressive. Bristol bastards Velcro Hooks have crafted this video for 'Chinchilla Woman' as they prepare to build their debut LP from the blocks up. The film clip sees two of the band sitting in the street, before sauntering off to knock on a door and take a verbal spray from the woman who answers it. They then saunter off down the street, the scurrilous cheeks. And that's it.

Giggly Boys are rough and ready to explode on 'Darker Shade of Pale', a film clip that shows the band in a container, strobe lights and ultraviolets highlighting a heroin addict's idea of a nightmare gig. It also highlights how bracingly visceral and explosive these guys are - and how everyone needs to be launching themselves into their depraved camp.

With all the angst, let's cool down a bit. Noveller has had two of her earlier albums, Glacial Glow and No Dreams, reissued, and she has released a video for a track from the former.  The neon-lit paint shifting and squirming over people as they walk through a forest, the trees and water lighting up as they come into contact, is the perfect accompaniment to these celestial guitar tapestries.

Now get back to work!

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