Friday, 8 April 2016

Loving Tralala Blip Over The Oceans

Finishing off a week of Tenth Court releases is this percolating beauty from Tralala Blip, the EP Oceans Of Love. The story behind the band might be interesting enough - former Massappeal vocalist Randolf Reimann forming it as a platform and workshop for people with physical and mental disabilities - but the strength of creativity that has flowed out of the end result surely exceeds these, and indeed Reimann's, expectations. They opened this year's Unsound festival in Adelaide, an incredible feat. And Oceans Of Love highlights this - a freeform, free-flowing electronic slipstream that undulates and coalesces in its own energetic, energising way, unable to pinpoint where the journey will take you, but when you get there it all seems so obvious. There are Brisbane antecedents to a degree - the burbling kosmiche of 'To The Moon', for example, isn't far removed from Primitive Motion. There are more insidious loops and tendencies, like the acid reverb haunt of closer 'As The Waves Splash On.'

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