Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Giving The Company Fool A Thigh Master

I was meaning to post this on Friday. Thigh Master, the "flagship" band from excellent Brisbane label Tenth Court, released the "single" 'Company' in preparation of their album launching in September. So you can imagine how stoked I was. Then I listened to it - and I am 1000% more excited. Even if this song is unlikely to be the real deal, what with its 45rpm @ 33rpm pacing and the last five seconds a skipping lyric, this is precisely why it should be on the album. They have always been able to take scrappy garage punk elements and fuck with them to their own delirious measures, so putting out a narcoleptic slow jam that echoes the vapours of a corporate yacht rock staple from rural AM radio is a brilliant move. Plus, I moved into double figures the amount of times I have listened to 'Company'. Who's the fool now, huh?

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