Monday, 4 April 2016

Video Vacuum - King Gizzard, Green Buzzard, October Drift, Chesta Hedron, Decorum

Who has a Monday death march hangover? Hopefully these tracks can help you get through the pain...

Multi-limbed garage nuts King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have yet another record out in the form of Nonagon Infinity - and goddamn if it doesn't sound like it'll kick all kinds of goals. 'Gamma Knife' is a great song in and of itself - possibly my favourite Gizzard single! - and this circular amphitheatre pagan occultist 70s metal throwback imagery and madness is brilliant. Gamma.

Now onto Sydney band Green Buzzard. They piqued a lot of people's interest when they were signed to I Oh You (Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays) before having even played a show. They are taking a Strokes swipe at throwback guitar pop that is glossed enough to really get under the skin, but with much more irreverence. The film clip sees the five-piece dressed in white, talking on landline Telecom keypad phones, wearing aviators and exaggerating their best crooning faces. They released their debut EP Eazy Queezy Squeezy on Friday - should be a good'un - and have announced they are touring Australia supporting DMA's. 2016 looks like a big one for these boys.

This song got a hell of a lot of airplay last week on Planet Masala. Somerset rockers October Drift have burst forth with a killer building track on 'Losing My Touch' - the shoegaze drop around the 2:45 minute mark may be done in hundreds of songs, but goddamn if it doesn't help to push things to another level here - and an excellent film clip to go along with it. Old guys filling in for the band, in between drinking Irn Bru and eating dirt chicken with the rest of us. A seriously good song, this one.

Back to Australia now - specifically Byron Bay - and another new band in instrumental psych warriors Chesta Hedron. They have some pedigree - one of the band used to play in Berlin-based dudes Strange Forces - so it shouldn't come as any surprise that 'Hash Monster' is a surf-rock surge, a stoner rock dirge, a psych rock purge... The film clip is shot in a landscape that looks otherworldly, desolate and barren, as a four-faced acolyte dances, drags and divines, a tantric groove within and without.  Then the animation and the ball of light hits, and things get deliciously stranger...Looking forward to seeing where these guys roll out to - they just supported Richard In Your Mind, so I'm expecting a lot to happen there.

And let's finish off with the post-punk stutter and menace of Brooklyn band Decorum. The film clip for 'High Order' is simple yet effective - black and white footage of a hooded figure being chased, at night, with torchlight following her every move. All from your point of view too - it is the viewer who does the majority of the chasing here. The two bass attack heightens the shadows, the heart murmur, the livewire tension.

Now get back to work!

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