Monday, 1 September 2014

Zeahorse Pooling Their Brutal Strengths

I have to say that the success of a couple of my favourite Sydney bands recently have really surprised me. First seeing Yes I'm Leaving on Stereogum, now Zeahorse embarking on their US tour. Not that either of these bands don't deserve it - they are two of the heaviest, brutal and rad bands in Australia - but they have been bands slaving away in an environment that has never seemed to suit them. But then again, with the rise of likeminded creeps like Narrow Lands, Tanned Christ and Sour Cream in the city, the world is becoming a much more accepting place for festering scuzz. Now we see Zeahorse are releasing their Pools EP Stateside too (through Dine Alone Records). Zeahorse's sound is a bit easier to palate I suspect - their hardened riffs are given a shoegaze wash, softening the blows in just the right way - but a song like 'Pool' still maintains the power - it's a great song. And then 'Career' - well, that just rips in and doesn't really let up.

Zeahorse will be doing the US rounds in October. Good luck lads.

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