Thursday, 4 September 2014

Merge Into The Underlay, Twerp(s)!

We are always excited about a new Twerps release here on Planet Masala. The news that the Melbourne band have a new EP out called Underlay is monumental – and the fact that it is so compact and realised is a reminder as to why they are much-loved here and overseas. Overlay is the first recorded output with Alex MacFarlane (The Stevens) in tow, and he slots in effortlessly. We also see Jules McFarlane taking a bit more of the vocal duties this time – not as in more in more songs, but in responsibility and strength. 'Conditional Report' and 'Raft' stand as two incredibly strong tracks. But there are other elements to be excited about too…the joviality and jaunty roll of ‘Heavy Hands’, the sleepy drawl of ‘California Clay’, the raucous shambolism of ‘Hypocrite’ – even the weird instrumental title track, which feels like the theme tune to some bizarre ABC children’s program. EPs are ripe for experimentation, but it is also great to have so many feelgood hits in the bunch – as the sunny amble of ‘Consecutive Seasons’ trundles into the sunset, shoulders a little shrugged, a beer hanging loosely at the side, it’s time to flip sides once more. Twerps are becoming a real institution, aren’t they?

The band have also announced their signing to Merge Records, which means their global exposure is about to explode even further. Underlay is available in limited edition 12” vinyl through Chapter Musicget it ASAP.

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