Sunday, 21 September 2014

Contracting Cat Aids In The Noise Arcade With Jerk Kerouac

Sean over at Metal Postcard is always feeding me the weird and wonderful from Asia. This week he hit paydirt - three times. First up is this split, and I was going to write about it regardless of whether it was any good or not. The Beijing band on the A Side is called Cat Aids. CAT AIDS. Seriously, I'm surprised the internet hasn't melted in fear and loathing already. They are a mixture of hardcore, thrash, metal, drone - and with song title's like 'Kevin Bacon Reacharound' and 'If Abortions Are Murder, Blowjobs Are Genocide', Cat Aids do what they want. It's pretty great. The B-Side of the split goes to Japanese outfit Go Tsushima and their pieces of experiential guitar drift - the space here seems like a beautiful salve to put on the wounds inflicted from the previous onslaught, even when things get unhinged in the final quarter of 'GT8 Part 2'. This is more my kind of thing, but Cat Aids had me at Cat Aids.

Not to be outdone with the joke titles comes Jerk Kerouac, a harsh noise project out of Malaysia. Now Sick is a little hard to take, like most harsh noise projects - there are moments of involuntary flinching involved here from the digital screams being emitted, as well as one period where the noise was unsettling my stomach - but again this is something I admire in this approach. It's like someone hitting a terribly fucked up frequency on the stereo, but continuing to drag the knobs back and forth over it in the thinly veiled attempt to find another channel while only concerned with pissing off the neighbours - for half an hour.

So let's blast and cleanse, blast and cleanse, with China-based artist Noise Arcade's Incidents Which Occur. A prolific guy, this cyclical effects-pedal wizard locks into subterranean grooves that seem barely to exist yet insist on being heard, and reheard, and reheard. The loop isn't just here - there are subtle, incremental shifts throughout this work - but it's what is created in the mind that matters. I'd like Noise Arcade to play at my funeral - that's a pretty high recommendation right there. Good night.

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