Tuesday 2 September 2014

Sunk Deep In Blackhoods

Not Not Fun often are the barometer for what drone artists are coming into acute focus of their powers, and Blackhoods’ Sunk record/cassette (SOLD OUT) is one to take notice of. Of course this isn’t acute drone – there are enough lysergic beats underscoring tracks like ‘Doomhound’ that tip Blackhoods into a more demented dub realm – but the undulating guitar and effects that warble in and out of focus, scratched and scuffed beyond repair, a scorched sojourn into the darkest recesses, allows this to climb to the upper echelons of current releases of its ilk. ‘Sunk Bone’ and ‘Dead Calm’ are muted bookends to the leviathan that is ‘Doomhound’, with the occasional minimal note breaking the surface – the former heralding the doom that is about to unfold, whilst the latter smooths out, a grey placation. ‘Constant Wrestle’ and ‘Adriana’ are different beasts, dipping into the reservoirs of the subconscious - the former plumbing the depths of subliminal groove with slight unease percolating throughout (does anyone hear the bastard cousin of a Stone Roses riff here?), whilst the latter offers further suppression, an undulating mantra of industrial malaise. (And if you can give me more information on these guys, that'd be GREATLY appreciated!).

Grab Sunk in MP3 form here.

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