Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Magic Eye Of Babylon

Another day, another narcoleptic synapse burner from the Not Not Fun stable. This one is from Edinburgh cryo-pop trio Magic Eye. Babylon is a breezy-yet-blazed pop odyssey, the slightly murky production and otherworldly vocals/samples evoking a time capsule quality; long forgotten scores to long abandoned 80s VHS also-rans. This album helped save me today though. I'm currently looking for a “day job” – having lots of time on my hands has been great, but no money is fun only up to a point – and today has been a particularly obstacle-strewn calamity. The broken-yet-decadent dreams of Babylon though has a soothing quality to it; a nebulous embolism of yearning emotions that proffers familiarity and therein a modicum of sonorous hope, especially the penultimate title track, its multitudinous sounds of voice and submerged guitar lines soaring and intertwining into a uplifting crescendo.

You can get Babylon here.

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