Saturday, 20 September 2014

Thrashing The Heart In A Teardrop Factory

Whenever Faux Discx bring out a new release, my ears are suitably pricked. I have come across Teardrop Factory before - their Topshop EP from last year was a lot of fun. They are back with their debut album Thrash In The Heart, and first taster '3AM Coke Dream' is what you would expect from such a title - its hazed, loud, a little brash, hypnotic, suitably roughed up and scuzzy around the edges, high albeit a little seedy, and fun. A LOT of fun. It's got the slow head movements inherent within the melody - it reminds me of a slightly more dour version of Terry Malts' 'Tumble Down'. And seeing as that was one of my favourite songs of 2012, that's a very good thing/

You can preorder Thrash In The Heart now - the 12" is a pink vinyl with white swirls - I'm transfixed...and it MIGHT add further explanation for the name of the single...And while we're at it - here is the video for another track, 'Now We Shatter'...

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