Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Taken By The Serpent’s Tongue

Dreamtime are busy – well busier than usual. Despite keeping live appearances to more of a minimum in 2014, the now-quartet (Fergus Smith from Frown (more on them later) has joined to add more droned heft) had their two sold-out LPs Dreamtime and Sun re-released on local label Conquest Of Noise, all set with new artwork and a wider-reaching push to reach those global psyche carpal tunnels. They have music in store for their third album, and we gratefully get a taste in terms of ‘Serpent’s Tongue’. It’s a more open, cleaner sound in some ways, but guitarist Zac Anderson’s vocal delivery is flayed bare with little reverb to hide the spit and rolled-back eyes lent to the delivery. This therefore lends a more blasted, unhinged aspect to an already monumental aesthetic that Anderson, Cat Maddin (bass/vocals) and Tara Wardrop (drums) have painstakingly developed over the years. It’s always a pulsating experience seeing these guys weave their dense sonic mantras, but with ‘Serpent’s Tongue’ it seems that atmosphere is more likely to implode in a calamitous thrash here.

You can get your hands on ‘Serpent’s Tongue’ here. Added bonus are two improvisational pieces Dreamtime have done on stage this year. The one at Shedstock in particular is a mind-melter.

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