Monday, 1 September 2014

The Passenger With The Delicate Features

I received this in the mail last week, and it is an embarrassing reminder that I have quite a few Not Not Fun Records releases and fail to write about them. So starting with Delicate Features, I'm going to write a post a day this week about just a few of the many killer releases that the LA left-fielders constantly knock out.

Delicate Features is a duo from St Petersberg, Russia, and their somnambulist cruise through rose-painted prisms that is The Passenger is an aural dreamstate of petals and illicit desires. There is a haunted romanticism to these ten tracks that makes them somehow simultaneously lovingly romanticised, formally sensuous and heartbreakingly desolate. Kate Bush if she grew up in frozen tundra environs with ancient symbolism, archaic computers and a snow globe that holds a long-lost emotional connection to the time that love was irrevocably lost. Stunning Siren music for the tortured soul. Grab The Passenger here.

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