Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cheap Chooks Race On Unity Floors

 Chook Race

Unity Floors

Brand new Australian label Mystic Olympic are opening up their account with Cheap, a split between two of the more interesting and energetic bands circling in these waters, Chook Race from Melbourne and Sydney's Unity Floors. Both of these bands have graced the Sonic Masala walls in the past, and it's great to see these guys joining forces in what is likely to be a powerfully fun release. The two tracks - Chook Race's punch-pop 'Numb' and Unity Floors' louche growl 'Hold Music' - are two sides of the same twisted lovelorn coin (and 7") - the simple lyrics and call-and-response of 'Numb' is sub-two minutes of monosyllables on the beat punk, with almost a surf-like bridge, making for bubblegum lust in the sun rather than the shade; 'Hold Music' cribs from Harry Nilsson and lethargic drawls interspersed with cathartic squalls as only the duo know how (all recorded in Gus Hunt's kitchen no less). Scrap pop at its finest.

Grab Cheap here or here.

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