Monday, 30 September 2013

Getting Boned On The Beach, GB Style

It seems that garage punk mania with a predilection for beach and blunt paraphernalia is not prescribed solely by countries with a high percentage of sun. London's Boneyards released their Rest In Beach 7" on Strong Island Recordings back in May (well, the English summer was approaching - not really surf's up though), and it's four songs of fuzz-blown raucous ridiculousness. Regardless of its origins, this sound is pretty hammered, yet intrinsically fun - you can get pretty loose with these tracks blasting your brain matter all over the common. That said, I only really listen to one song over and over - 'Rip It Up', where the yelp in the last third that spits out a frenetic outro is irresistible. The kids'll dig it - the rest'll stay for the leftover beers, bongs, beer bongs and occasional nods to true punk stalwarts. Let's see what else we'll find in the boneyard...

NB - Boneyards just released this dirty shitstorm, 'Vega Chain', today - and the dirtier these dudes dig, the blacker the gold they hit. Fuck Wavves off and mine these shitcore speaker shredders - this is where the winners are at...

Grab Rest In Beach here.

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