Monday, 30 September 2013

Taking Yuppies For A Ride

A bit of serendipity here. Yesterday I wrote about Boston's Sneeze; Sneeze played with Nebraskan band Yuppies; I receive the Yuppies album in the mail yesterday. We were meant to be...

Now Parquet Courts' Andy Savage has helped put out Yuppies’ debut eponymous album on his Dull Tools label, and it slays. The four-piece have crafted a record that has that febrile, unhinged energy that Savage's band harbours, but in the punk mentality of throttling a chord to within an inch of its life, seeing a song's lifespring slowly ebb away, Jack Begley's deadpan, acerbic vocals (reminiscent of Mr Dream) lurking in the dim streetlights, before the pressure is laid off the windpipe and everything coalesces into a vibrant upswing of violent glee. If these guys are yuppies, they are the slacker rock equivalent of Patrick Bateman. Excellent stuff - do yourself a favour and buy Yuppies here.

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