Sunday, 22 September 2013

Celestial Kindling of Saints

Brisbane-based and Room40-affiliated cassette label A Guide To Saints released four great pieces of musak on tape last month, and I aim to talk of all four this week. The first one that I grabbed (and grabbed me) was Kindling from Portland's Celestino (AKA Gabriel Celestino Higgins). In fact I have been struggling to sleep of recent nights and kindling has been the undulating rhythms that have allowed me drift off. It's textured majesty - subtle reverberations of the aching night - a soothing cacophony carving a trajectory to the soul. Like self-medication, everything feels held in formaldehyde, viewed through a clouded prism, watching the minutiae of life slide by frame by frame with a Balearic fluidity - a sonic cocoon, embryonic and insular yet emotive. Kindling is the type of music that truly transports you to a cave of your own - providing the type of hibernation that extends life for another season.

You can (and really owe it to your own well being to) buy Kindling here.

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