Friday, 20 September 2013

IT'S LIVE!!! - Hotel Wrecking City Traders @ 'Pojama People', PBS

Here is one of the coolest instrumental bands in Australia, live on the Pojama People show on Melbourne's PBS radio station. One song - a 46 minute version of 'Ode To Chunn.' Stalwarts of the Bro Fidelity clan (home to the likes of Fire Witch and River Of Snakes), Hotel Wrecking City Traders are relentless harbingers of demonic doom, yet with a melodic lilt that draws you inexorably to the knife's edge. It's electrifying stuff, executed with cutthroat precision and cataclysm. In short, it's awesome. I think I might try and bring them back to Brisbane...

This is a new segment of awesome live recordings - if you have any that you think fits the bill, by all means send em out way on or through our Twitter or Facebook pages. Nathan and I are off the day job for two weeks, which means you will hear more from us over the next fortnight. That said, I don't intend to be that lucid, so you might wanna strap yourselves in. Night folks.

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