Monday, 2 September 2013

Ghostly Disconnected

The first two albums from Indiana static-heavy post-punk nihilists TV Ghost Cold Fish and Mass Dream are ground out evil slugs of things, insidious dream worms that shudder and shake (I gave them both a wrap back in 2011). They are prepping a third release, Disconnect, for tomorrow. The first two tracks to be released for it, 'Elevator' and 'Siren', are much slicker, more approachable - its gloss somehow evokes early Interpol if they were drugged out and listened to Girls Against Boys slowed down 200%. It's certainly a marked shift in pace - but not of purpose, because the black ooze sticks to the arteries of this beast. I'm not sure how I feel about this so far, but I'm interested to hear the rest of this. So far I kind of feel disappointed, yet at the same time I can't stop listening. I'm plugged into the machine.

Disconnect can be bought through In The Red tomorrow from here.

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