Monday, 23 September 2013

Forever In Harmony

A friend of mine said last week that Harmony was easily the most original band in the country right now. It's a bold statement (made bolder by further asserting that they were indeed the best band in the country right now), but one that is easily justified. Tom Lyngcoln's rough-hewn guitar and bluesy, guttural howls alongside the three-part gospel croonings, the feverish bass and cataclysmic, marching drums. Gothic to the extreme, drenched with sweat, marked by flies, covered in red dust and moribund chagrin, Harmony seems a name initially only in existence due to the choral offshoot. Yet there is an intense, inherent fervency that forges these disparate elements together in a stoic march against adversity and despair, clawing for hope with arms interlocked. 'Cut Myself Clean' is the new track from the upcoming sophomore album Carpetbombing (after having signed to Poison City Records, who after taking on White Walls and Deep Heat amongst many more seriously know what they are doing) - and I for one have shivers permanently etched into my spine.

Harmony are about to tour the country in support of another iconic gem, The Drones. And yes, they are arguably the most original band in the country - quite possibly the best.

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