Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Taking The Ancient Night Bus

Not too long ago I posted about 'Molokai', the first single from Melbourne psych-pop maestros The Ancients' forthcoming third album Night Bus (out through the inimitable Chapter Music). They now have a second release in 'Hey Now', and damn it is so much better! It's like Unknown Mortal Orchestra spent their winter in Scandinavia with Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised - I haven't heard their first two records. But this had me absolutely in the Ancients camp - so warm, sepia-tinged and raucous in a fuzzy, overtly happy kinda way. They have a couple of shows coming up in October in Melbourne (including an in store at Polyester), but more importantly for Brisbane folks The Ancients are playing Black Bear Lodge Thursday December 5. Lotsa time to save the pennies and swim in the waters of adulation - seriously, this song has one hell of a hook.

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