Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Decade of Mere Migration Noise Celebration

Your tiny words don't mean a thing. But if you don't mind, then keep making whatever noise you want to make. Keep it up for ten years. Tiny Migrants launch their little slab of noise (some Mexican hat cum XXXX brewery, back and forth, jumpin', thrivin' and strivin' to survivin' tunes) at a very special show this weekend. Brisbane's own independant stalwarts Mere Noise records are celebrating 10 years on the trot with parties THIS WEEKEND at Black Bear in Bris and Off the Hip in Melbourne.

To do anything is hard. To run an independent record label for ten years in a town renown for siphoning culture southward through its ample storm drains and cultural backwaters... verges on biblical. You thought Job had it tough? He never had to work through an industry re-inventing itself whilst living off beans so he could put out shit-hot local bands on 7" records throughout the world.  The fact that Mere Noise exist is a fucking testament worth your admiration. Get down to one of the shows and party like it's 2003. It may be mere, but it's a lot louder than the silence that would be without them.


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