Thursday, 26 September 2013

Don't Palm The Novo's

I did an awesome interview with Leroy from Newcastle's finest/worst (I think it's the same thing) The Gooch Palms. Why? Because they are finally bringing out an LP. It's called NOVO's, which is shorthand for Novocastrians (the name given to people from Newcastle), and I think it's a derogatory slang. Don't be hatin' if I'm wrong - go the Newcastle Knights! Ahem. So yeah, this album coming out on Anti-Fade is pretty special. Now, live this duo (Leroy sings, plays guitar and gets nude) and Kat (stand up drums, sings) are a crazy bunch - it's the kind of manic performance that seems like it'll implode at any second, but underneath the sloppy exterior is a tightly calibrated machine of garage rock and soul. Yes, soul. Leroy may act the goat, but the dude has lungs - just listen to 'You' and wrap your head around the fact that it's a Gooch Palms stone cold original. The beauty of these two? They know their limitations, and are able to continually find ways to fidget and squirm within them, contorting and reforming into myriad sordid pop gems. They may not take over the world - indeed, they are more likely to get mugged for their bum bags and their Mariners commemorative T-shirts on the Hunter Street Mall - but they don't need global domination. They've got music, and beers, and each other. They'll see out their days content on the Gooch Farm -it's a true blue love story, strewth.

Grab NOVO's here. The Gooch Palms are launching the album in October, coming up here to play at Greenslopes Bowls Club (where Sonic Masala hosted Velcro and Hot Palms, yeah?) Saturday October 19. Oh, and the interview will be out soon, promise.

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