Friday, 18 September 2015

Doing The Dialling Dog With Blue Bloods

Here is some fucked-up scuzz from Auckland gutter punks The Blue Bloods. That's right, don't let the name dissuade you - these guys are all about throwing shit to the four winds and not caring what sticks. Phone Sex is all about being seedy, scoring, sleazing, in the dives and holes of the dankest places you can degrade yourself in - 'Methadone Queen', 'Disco Punk Daddy' and 'Razorblade Legs' drips with slurred, spiked spit. I'm not even sure how I came across these diseased release, but I'm infected now - as are you too, now. There is a deliberate lecherous yet killer lurk vibe going on here (especially in the slow grind of 'VERSACE') that I love - it is something that I have always enjoyed by Cobwebbs, although they are a different beast altogether (I kinda feel The Blue Bloods are a bit more loose in every which way). Who cares, let's lose ourselves and all get in the muck together, this Friday night is about to spiral out of control.