Thursday 4 June 2015

Newcombe Parks Declare Nothing

Anton Newcombe is no strange to new material - his Brian Jonestown Massacre has brought out fourteen albums over their 20 year career thus far. But this week he releases a different sonic collaboration - I Declare Nothing, an album he has made with Canadian Tess Parks. It's a sensuous slow-burner and very much Parks' album, yet the psych influences that Newcombe embodies are just as prevalent. From the woozy hallucinogenic flutter of 'Wehmut' to the red-smoke-filtered sultriness of 'Cocaine Cat', I Declare Nothing slinks and glides through the shadows, a measured beast of temperament and danger. Parks' vocals are husky to the point of gravel-racked, and lends tracks like the brooding 'German Tangerine' with a nocturnal gravitas, wreathed in cigarette smoke, a world-weary shrug and the devil in the eyes.

I Declare Nothing comes out on Newcombe's own A Recordings on the 29th June - pre-order it here. The duo will debut this material in London at Oslo on July 17.

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