Monday 1 June 2015

Barge With Jesu

Today is the launch of SMR006 - the split between Brisbane's two most underrated noisy outfits, Danyl Jesu and Barge With An Antenna On It.

Danyl Jesu is a duo obsessed with the transmogrification of bowels-of-the-earth tape manipulation, vocal viscera and percussive brutality. Lachlan Malone (of metal degenerators O) and Tom Roche (skinsman for a bevy of acts such as the aforementioned O, the Rational Academy and Roku Music) eschew the tropes of the metal genre by casting off guitars altogether, instead intent on melding a contemporary synthesis of electronic destruction, organic percussion and tape manipulation. Celebration is the first stage in this dark manifesto. Danyl Jesu has crafted a serrated capsule of early industrial white noise, artificial drone and shoegaze wash, coalescing into an abrasive sound that is easy to swallow – a corrosive opiate for the masses.

These dark-art manipulations are juxtaposed with the six high-octane metronomic brain-snaps that are vomited forth by slacker noiseniks Barge With An Antenna On It. The ridiculous nature of the band’s moniker holds true to the nature of the organic relationship between Steven Schnorrer (a true itchy-feet genre hopper, with self-recorded work including experiential maelstrom Locust Revival floating around the ether) and Dylan Jeffreys (the Alan Moore doppelganger whose maniacal drumming belies a gentle soul and deft recording touch – he was responsible for Brisbane band Bent’s latest release). Forever pummelling for the abject fun of it, finding patterns and rhythms in the coarsest of materials, the preciseness of BWAAOI is at once beguiling, bewildering and blistering. Visual stimulation through aural repetition, precision and sonic avarice – or for the excuse of drinking a beer and making a racket.

The bands launch the album alongside Spirit Bunny and Brainbeau at The Bearded Lady June 12

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