Tuesday 12 May 2015

Softcore Pjaro

Ruined Smile Records continues to open up the channels between Australia and small, hitherto unknown bands from around the world. One of their most recent releases has been Soft Core, the three track EP from Sheffield melodic malcontents Pjaro. The EP is bookended by two raucous numbers: 'Passed Out, Covered In Drugs' a jumped up racket, at times feeling like two different bands playing at once before the lyrics "When you look in the mirror/Do you smile?" comes out, akin to a hundred beer swilling post-hardcore heathens venting their spleen; and 'Goodnight Sweet Prince', a brooding math permutation that explodes in wanton fury, the deep dissonance a brilliantly welcome, cleansing release. But it is the eight minute middle track 'Car2003' that really got me - the hum of a poor recording of a pub conversation that fades into a slowly coalescing anthem, an instrumental behemoth of calibrated emotional manipulation until the rhythms take is into a euphoric canter a la American Football at their most ebullient. Great stuff.

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