Tuesday 5 May 2015

Total Babes In Their Heyday

I'm loving Heydays, the second LP from Ohio (and Cloud Nothings offshoot) Total Babes. It reeks of a slacker guitar pop vibe that Malkmus et al might have nodded nonchalantly to, if they infused their sound with a little more distortion and serration. It isn’t overtly serious though – come on, they are called Total Babes! – and it is this precipice between earnestness, aggression and flippancy that they teeter confidently on. The addition of Emeralds alum John Elliott on synth has infused tracks like 'Repeat Gold' and 'Can I Turn You On' with gravitas while opening up new, unexpected horizon. And Cloud Nothings’ frontman Dylan Baldi pops up on 'Circling', delivering a skronked-out sax throughline that helps to elevate an already nutso track (Elliott's space-invaders effects are most prevalent here also) to a delightful level of aggro intensity.

I actually was reminded of retired Brisbane band Nova Scotia when listening to segments of Heydays, especially tracks like 'We'll Come Around' and the title track. There is a irreverent racket imbued with an innate sense of melody and a sunny disposition that makes the album a blessing, just on the cusp of summer. Pre-order it here (out through Wichita Recordings later this month). Total Babes are supporting the brilliant Pile in London on the 10th and 11th of June (at the Lexington and Old Blue Last respectively) - cannot bloody wait.

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