Friday 8 May 2015

Bowing At The Altar Of A Scattered Purgatory On Sundays

Two-thirds of excellent Brisbane psych rock band Dreamtime have launched their own booking and touring platform, Altar of the Thirteenth Eye. Their first venture brings forth two equally brilliant acts from Asia, Taiwan's Scattered Purgatory and Japan's Sundays & Cybele, to Australian shores for a bunch of shows.

Scattered Purgatory is an ambient drone three piece that are ultimately interested in the swirling viscera left when sound is stripped of location and place, a discombobulated tonal salve against the scorched soul. Their last release, Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean, is a serpentine temporal shift of wavering tension, as calming as it is unnerving. The looped guitars and synth, combined with the shimmering and clashing of gongs and cymbals in spaced out abbreviated bursts, takes on a tactile quality, a trance in amber.

Sundays & Cybele on the other hand are more traditional psych in the sense that we have the laidback grooves and sepia-tinted tones that combust into elongated liquefied-heat meltdowns at the blink of a third eye. Somehow displaced from the 70s acid trip hangover of the 60s, their album Gypsy House is a mystical blast.

Both bands have been put out by Tokyo label Guruguru Brain. Here are the list of shows, Australia - do not miss these guys in action, with some excellent support:


Thursday 21st May (SP only) 

With FROWN and special guests 

Friday 29th May 
Presented by Octopus π

with Broadcasting Transmitter and special guests 

Saturday 30th May 
Presented by Psychedelic Coven
The Tote 
With Pearls and Power 

Sunday 31st May 
Presented by Psychedelic Coven 
The Public Bar

Thursday 4th June (S&C only) 

With Special guests 

More shows to be announced!

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