Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Faux Magenta And Yellow Discx

Brighton independent label Faux Discx released an amazing four-way split at the beginning of the year that included the likes of Fair Ohs, Women, and Cold Pumas. They are doing incredible things, and this is continuing with a new split release that features Sauna Youth, Ale Mania, Lab Coast, and Friendo.

These splits, called Magenta and Yellow, are pretty awesome. Magenta features two songs apiece from San Diego’s Ale Mania who play genre-hopping, weirdo post-punk, and Brighton/London’s Sauna Youth, who delve in straight-up punk pushed through a myriad of delay and reverb, weird and satisfying.

ALE MANIA – Peoline by Faux Discx

SAUNA YOUTH – Backgrounds by Faux Discx

Yellow marks the return of Calgary’s Friendo who offer a decidedly left of centre jam from their previous woozy endeavours. They share the wax with their Canadian compadres Lab Coast who present their garage indie low in fidelity and high in hooks.

FRIENDO – Germanic Panic by Faux Discx

LAB COAST – Astronaut Like Me by Faux Discx

Both of these releases are limited to 300 copies worldwide. You can pre-order them now and will be released 25 July and 8 August respectively - get em here!

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