Monday 6 July 2015

Never Happier When Diving Bunted

Sorry about the inadvertent "week off"! Just as I was saying how great life outside of work has been - and it has been - work felt its ears burning and kicked my arse.

But other half of Sonic Masala Records (AKA the guy still in Brisbane) Nathan is here and the beer and good times floweth forth once more. So to kick off a week that will be predominantly Aussie based, I've inexplicably chosen 'So Bunted' a raucous stab of fuzz-fried rock from Happy Diving (we really enjoyed their Big World record from the beginning of the year). They still love starting their songs with signal squall - brilliant - and drawling through the white noise. Fits into the mould of distorto pop that raucously littered the 90s and is ecstatically back in fashion, 'So Bunted' is on a 7" coming out through Topshelf Records - pre-order here.

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