Monday, 11 May 2015

Vintage Angie

One of my favourite albums of the past couple of years, coming out at the tail end of 2013, was Turning, the debut solo offering from Circle Pit/Southern Comfort/Ruined Fortune/Straight Arrows firebrand Angie Bermuda (as Angie). She is bringing out her second record, Free Agent, soon (through Rice Is Nice), and first cut from it 'Out of Age' is a fuzzbox blast of atonal wildness within a harmonic frame. Angie has always played the metronomic guitar between garage abandon and Branca-era deconstructed destruction, yet here she somehow manages to do both here, with her vocal delivery monotone and deadpan. A great opening salvo - can't wait to hear this one (it's not out til September though, so play the hell out of this in the meantime).

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