Thursday, 7 May 2015

Psalm Beach Is Nowhere In Particular

This record is a year old but I feel it warrants a mention because it has been my go-to for the past week. Victorian trio Psalm Beach have been plying their trade around the traps for a while now and have not garnered anywhere near the adulation they deserve. Their album of last year Nowhere In Particular is a perfect case in point, a circular black-and-white cast of tension, taking its time to build its slow yet ultimately devastating post punk delineations. There are some bands around at the moment that are delving into similar sine waves - Mere Women and Hoodlum Shouts are two in particular that come to mind - but Nothing In Particular is a glaring reminder that the name Psalm Beach should be murmured just as fervently. It came out not long after they headlined one of the Gazar Strips EP launch shows in Melbourne - I didn't realise how well this would come together. Anyway, if there is anything you do this month, on the anniversary of its creation, buy the 12" here - you deserve it.

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