Friday, 8 May 2015

Double White Walls In Limbo

This year's Sonic Masala Fest was incredible, a real coup and a life achievement for me. So many things worked out right - the weather, the venue, the crowd, the bands. Although David Lynch's Q+A and the Oblivians shows took a few punters away, it was above all a killer day.

One of the best parts was hanging out with the three dudes from White Walls for the weekend. Their set was decidedly loud - as is their MO - yet I had forgotten just how smooth it all is, how easily it is to be cocooned within the intricacies inherent within the noise. Their self titled album has been a favourite of mine for some time now, and finally their follow up Afterthoughts In Limbo (which is mammoth as a double LP and is out on the band's brand spankin' new Pet Moth Records label) is just around the corner. Below are three tracks off it ('Crossing Roads' having been pushed into the ether last week as a biding time gesture while the vinyl orders take their time getting shipped), and their eloquent and devastating take on shoe gaze rock is as jaw dropping as ever. If you haven't put your order in to get a piece of Afterthoughts In Limbo, go here right now. And if you are in Melbourne May 30 and haven't got anything going - get to The Corner where White Walls and Hotel Wrecking City Traders support the gargantuan Japanese giants Boris.

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