Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Batpiss = Biomass = Spiritually Challenged

We made it very clear how highly we regarded Melbourne bastards Batpiss' first record Nuclear Winter - it was my number two record of the year in 2013. Since then the trio have stayed busy, organising the excellent backyard festival All Good In The Wood and touring Indonesia being major highlights. And soon the boys will be unloading album no 2, Biomass, onto the world (with help from Poison City Records). First cut is 'Spiritually Challenged', a bruising encounter that is as brutal, bilious and blackly hilarious as you would expect. Well I find these fuckers funny. I've never enjoyed being aurally abused as much as I have by Batpiss, and it's clear that the masochistic overtones have not dissipated.

The album is out June 26, and the boys will be out in force all over Australia to shove it in your earholes. You're welcome.

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