Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The School of Hard Liquor and High Spirits

The Spook School will teach you how to have fun and how not to pour beer.

After a week spent hopped up on cold and flu tablets, trying to write an assignment on the epistemology of time, I found that I was wasting quite a lot of it (time, that is. No pseudoephedrine was wasted in the passing of it). See though, what I should have been doing instead of reading about the Scottish enlightenment was getting a ticket to Scotland to get some real-time enlightenment. I'll be honest, I'll tell the Spook School what I really think of them, hopped up or not; they are a freaking awesome collection of properties.

And while my bank account probably won't support the whole Scotland idea, at least I can rest assured that us Aussies, thanks to 'Niall's Sexy Calendar 2014', we'll always have our very own little bit of The Spook School love to have and to hold.

Oh yeah, and what's more, there's now a whole album worth of this goodness out for your enjoyment - on cherry cola coloured vinyl, no less! Get your copy of Dress Up (out now through Fortuna Pop!) from their bandcamp, pour yourself an enormously frothy beer and get prepared for your crush to continue!

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