Monday, 4 November 2013

Beautiful Days' End For Hall

Australian noise specialist Tom Hall has come a long way from his AXXONN project. Not that that was a musical definition - Hall has traversed the gamut of sonic manipulation, whether it be a study in field recordings, electronic improvisation, atonal drone, rhythmic pulse or scorched-earth doom. Since moving to LA, he has continued to expand on this amorphous creative world, and the imminent release of his LP Many Days End is something to celebrate. A considered reflection on his time in LA, specifically the places he goes to to clear his head - the Santa Monica Mountains, San Fernando Valley and the South Bay - these tracks bubble and percolate, am organic suite of soundscapes that simultaneously display external environments (helped in part by field recordings taken from these same geographical areas) and internal ruminations and conflict. Thus Many Days End is not only an incredibly personal document for Hall, but is extremely immersive and relatable - the meshing of the natural and the electronic, the bursts of static with the languorous stretch of subtle feedback, mesh together into a cool, calming platform for reflection. Let it wash over you.

You can buy Many Days End through Hall's Sonoptik label here.

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