Monday, 4 November 2013

Caught At Sea With Courtney

Man, this is becoming a habit. Here I am writing about Courtney Barnett - again. But it seems that she is everywhere right now - and rightly so. She is back after shuffling through CMJ, taking it all in her laconic stride. And the more acolytes that champion the cause, the better.

We've spoken about Barnett's EPs before, but it's worth mentioning that Milk! Records, alongside House Anxiety and Marathon Artists, have released the two together as a singular LP - The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas. Seeing as these songs started with an experiment to see how songs could hang on just one progression, it's amazing to find so many gems to hang onto. Most of this has to do with Barnett's incredible songwriting and blindsiding lyricism (not that the words are hard to pick up, but you can read most of them here on her website), but she also cuts a mean axe, and now has a good bunch backing her (aptly titled The Courtney Barnetts). Every song on here has moments of stark genius, which is hard to fathom and feels embarrassing to say, lathering on such platitudes without coming off like an infatuated Luddite with a laptop and a prayer. So Ill leave it at this - just buy the bloody thing and go to her shows, you will not be disappointed.

Barnett has been up to Brisbane a couple times in the past year - I managed to catch her play at last year's Big Sound, whilst her show at Southside Tea Room has caused a few people to label it gig of the year. Hopefully we will see these songs in their glory soon.

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