Tuesday, 4 November 2014

White Sands Are Worth The Wait

I always give a release from great little label Art Is Hard a go, regardless of whether I think I will like it or not - as it invariably strikes a chord. And they had a pay-what-you-want physical release flash sale the other day - I can't believe I missed it! Because I would have picked up London trio White Sands' blasted 7" flexidisc The Wait. You can hear the influences from the individual members' "day jobs" (Mazes, Male Bonding, Novella) - and it is obviously, incessantly, indelibly tight. Title track is scuzzy yet warm; 'Expect Nothing' ratchets things up considerably with the faint motorik beats and hovering harmonies. Favourite track by far though is closer 'Years' - the fuzz, the repetition that feels like a Groundhog Day downward spiral that is menacing yet intoxicating...I could seriously listen to the outro for hours. But I like stupid shit like that.

The Wait comes with a specially made zine - and won't be around for long. Get in.

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